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Post  RtG Filifa on Mon May 09, 2011 7:05 pm

- Highest rank in RtG
- Takes care of site maintenance
- Decides on Instructor and Officer promotions
- All leaders take care of all problems

- Checks in with Instructors
- Watches over brigades and instructors
- Takes care of any problems
- May be promoted to Leader once proven loyal enough

Brigade Instructor
- Watches over brigades
- Helps commanders out with any problems they have
- Must host meetings with Commanders and Lieutenant Commanders
- Takes care of problems with brigades
- May be promoted to Instructor once proven your leadership

- Leads a brigade consisted of 60 people
- Must keep brigade in check and active
- Brigade meetings
- Takes care of problems within

Lieutenant Commander
- Right hand man of commander
- Gives suggestions to commanders
- Deals with problems within the brigade

- Runs one company consisted of 15 people
- Must have 1 Captain, 1 Lieutenants, 3 Sergeants, 10 Corporals
- Takes care of problems within their company
- Must keep company in check and active

- Right hand man of Captain
- Gives suggestions to Captain
- Deals with problems within company

- Main core of company and future prospects
- Aids corporals, privates, and recruits
- Must know recruitment process and full understanding of RtG

- Proven that they have a clear consent of RtG
- Must post regularly on site

- Not full members of RtG
- Must prove that he/she wants to join RtG
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